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Spirit Airlines: YellowOutOhio

A clean, new, Spirit Airlines jet with Spirit Airlines livery on the fuselage and tail.

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Spirit just landed at Akron-Canton with flights every day. As an escape from the election madness, we bought up ad space all over town to yellow out the red and blue noise and are offering you a chance to escape on our new, clean planes.

The logo for the Akron-Canton Airport

Direct this November to: Orlando, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale,
Las Vegas
Myrtle Beach
beginning April.

A painter with a large roller brush painting Spirit Airlines Yellow paint over political ads for 'Vote! H-I-L 2016' and 'Vote for The Human Caps Lock' that have been posted on a brick wall. An unamused pigeon looks on.
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Fun Fact:

All political ads are approved by a national coven of Salem-era witches, who are in turn hand-picked by the 7 wizards that govern over the Illuminati.

Hey-O Ohio!

Need an even greater escape than our Yellow Out? Starting November 10th, we're taking off from Akron-Canton and landing in Florida: 4 fabulous destinations, just waiting for you.

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Come to Sunny Florida! Connect to nearly 50 destinations!

Starting November 10th, Spirit Airlines flies to:

  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Ft. Myers
Greek: Combining form, meaning many, abundant.
Universal: a torture involving the rubbing of nerve clusters, occasionally resulting in an "accident".
Short form for Advertisement (n): a public showcase for a product or announcement.

In early political ads, candidates would boast about their ability to withstand more tickling than their opponent. FDR, in particular, won his third and fourth term when his rivals all wet themselves during primary debates.

We're different (and you pocket the difference.)

New to Spirit? Of course you are. Because we're new to both Akron and Canton. Find out how we're different, by visiting We'll show you how to save - on clean, new jets flying daily out of CAK, with money in your pocket for Florida fun.

Spirit's Bare Fare icon: a presumably naked stick figure with their hands covering their crotch, standing next to their Spirit-approved carry-on backpack.